Qualifications / Employment / Volunteer History

  • Staff Backend Engineer & Tech Lead

    At Noteable I've helped develop an RBAC permission system as well as IPython magics. I've also helped build features that integrate with the Kubernetes API.

  • Founder & CEO

    I started HookActions to solve a problem I've faced at every company I've worked at. Webhooks take way too long to implement and are hard to manage.

  • Backend Software Engineer

    At BlaBlaCar I work on the BlaBlaLines team as a backend software engineer. I have built a real-time chat feature as well as a payment integration. Our team was having a hard time testing new changes quickly so I built a kubernetes-based demo environment.

  • Senior Software Engineer
    The Alliance of American Football

    At The Alliance of American Football I've worked to create game prototypes using Electron, wrote APIs in Go, contributed to the Engineering blog, and have helped maintain & scale infrastructure.

  • Senior Software Engineer
    Carta (formerly eShares)

    At Carta I've learned about agile web development as well as working on a team. The software stack includes Python/Django and React. Beyond programming, the equity side of the business is also very interesting.

  • Computer Information Systems Major
    Saginaw Valley State University

    In 2012 I started studying at Saginaw Valley State University with a major in Computer Information Systems. I've studied many topics including: C++, Assembly Language, Visual Basic, PHP, Computer Forensics & Databases.

  • Developer

    I started ZUMH in 2013 with the idea of having a centralized hub for all my web projects. The first project was Is It Out Yet?, which I created to be a quick and easy way to see if a movie had been released yet. The second project that I created was the Open Dashboard Project. I created this to be a highly customizable & minimal personal dashboard that was open source.

  • Operations Technology Person 3
    Peters Organization

    As an OTP3, I was the head of the Peters Organization IT department, which spans seven restaurants. Each of the restaurants have two Windows servers that I maintained. They also have IP based security camera systems; one of which I installed and the rest I maintained.

  • Crew Member
    Peters Organization

    As a crew member for the Peters Organization I had a multitude of tasks, from preparing food to cleaning parts of the restaurant.

  • Eagle Scout Project
    Field & Stream Conservation Club

    For my Eagle Scout project, I created a gun safety video at my local Field & Stream Conservation Club. The current one they had was on VHS from the 70s and I heard the recent classes have enjoyed my more recent video very much. I received the Eagle Scout rank later on in 2012.